How Do You Play Beach Buggy In Tesla?

Enjoy the thrill of electric power and cutting-edge technology as you cruise down the open road in your Tesla. But did you know Tesla offers more than a smooth ride?

With Tesla Arcade, an in-car entertainment system, you can play fun games, including Beach Buggy Racing, which is popular. 

This article explores how do you play beach buggy in Tesla and the benefits of playing Beach Buggy in your Tesla, its exciting gameplay experience, and how you can enjoy it.

What is Beach Buggy?

Beach Buggy, an electrifying creation crafted by the ingenious minds at Vector Unit, is an awe-inspiring wonder.

Powered by pulsating graphics, mind-bending tracks, and a treasure trove of power-ups waiting to be unleashed, this virtual masterpiece breaks the boundaries of ordinary racing games. 

Amidst the enchanting backdrop of sun-kissed beaches, you will be tasked with commanding an array of off-road vehicles as you compete fiercely with fellow players.

The captivating allure of Beach Buggy Racing has captivated gamers of all ages, beckoning them with its immersive gameplay and unrivaled accessibility into its irresistible embrace.

What is Tesla Arcade? How does it work?

How Do You Play Beach Buggy In Tesla?

A mesmerizing array of puzzles, legendary Atari games, and adrenaline-filled adventures like Beach Buggy Racing are available in Tesla Arcade, the crown jewel of Tesla’s offerings.

Forging memories that will linger long after the engines have stopped, you can experience this kaleidoscope of interactive wonder and take your Tesla experience to new heights.

Get ready to be captivated by Tesla Arcade as we explore the enchanting world. Think about being behind your Tesla’s wheel, experiencing the pure bliss of parked or charging it, and immersing yourself in an entertaining extravaganza.

You will be whisked away to thrilling and exhilarated realms with a kaleidoscope of games.

How Do You Play Beach Buggy In Tesla?

If you want to play Beach Buggy on your Tesla, you simply have to click on the “Toybox” icon on your dashboard.

You can select Beach Buggy Racing from the Tesla Arcade menu, where you can find various games. Once you’re in the game, you’ll enjoy racing in stunning beach environments right from the comfort of your Tesla.

Controls and Gameplay

Beach Buggy is easy to play in your Tesla. Use the steering wheel or touchscreen to control the game, or use your smartphone’s Tesla app as a controller.

The intuitive controls make accelerating, steering, and activating power-ups easy.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter challenging tracks, collect power-ups, and compete against other players, adding to the excitement and enjoyment.

Tips and Strategies

To enhance your Beach Buggy Racing skills, here are a few tips and strategies:

  1. Master the power-ups: Utilize power-ups strategically to gain the upper hand. Learn how they work and how they work.
  2. Explore different routes: Try different routes to determine the most efficient route. Each track offers unique challenges and advantages.
  3. Upgrade your vehicles: As you participate in races, you can earn coins and use them to upgrade your vehicles. Upgrades will improve your vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and handling, giving you an advantage over your opponents.

Multiplayer Experience

Playing Beach Buggy Racing with friends or other Tesla drivers worldwide allows you to experience an exciting multiplayer experience.

Creating custom tournaments, challenging other drivers’ best lap times, and engaging in multiplayer races enhances the social aspect of the game, encouraging friendly competition and connecting with fellow Tesla fans.

Game Updates and Features

There are regular updates to Beach Buggy Racing in Tesla Arcade. Developers are dedicated to providing players with a fun and engaging experience. Updates may include new tracks, new vehicles to unlock, and exciting gameplay improvements.

These updates ensure you’ll always have something new to look forward to and keep the game experience dynamic and exciting.

Beach Buggy in Other Teslas

No specific Tesla model is required to play Beach Buggy Racing.

Regardless of the model you own, you can enjoy Beach Buggy Racing on the large touchscreen display on your Tesla, regardless of whether you own a Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, or Model Y.

This accessibility ensures that Tesla owners can enjoy this exciting game regardless of their specific model.

Beach Buggy and Safety

Whenever you’re playing Beach Buggy in your Tesla, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Do not play while driving or when your attention should be focused on the road, and only play when you’re parked or charging.

Keeping yourself and others safe on the road should always be the top priority, so always follow traffic laws and regulations.

Benefits of Playing Beach Buggy in Tesla

  1. Entertainment on the go: If you’re on a road trip or stuck in traffic, you can immerse yourself in Beach Buggy Racing in your Tesla and enjoy an exciting racing experience.
  2. Utilizing idle time: With Beach Buggy Racing, you can turn idle moments into engaging gameplay sessions even while your Tesla is charging.
  3. Showcasing Tesla’s capabilities: As a demonstration of Tesla’s power and versatility, Beach Buggy Racing displays the advanced technology and entertainment features that make Tesla cars stand out.


Tesla Arcade’s Beach Buggy Racing feature provides Tesla owners with an exhilarating gaming experience. This game offers hours of entertainment with its vibrant graphics and challenging gameplay.

You need to prioritize safety and play responsibly. Next time you’re in your Tesla, don’t forget to participate in Beach Buggy Racing and experience the adrenaline rush of virtual beachside racing.


No, it is essential to prioritize safety and avoid playing games while driving. Only engage in gameplay when parked or during charging sessions.

No, Tesla Arcade games, including Beach Buggy Racing, are pre-installed in your Tesla and do not require an internet connection to play.

You can control the game using your Tesla’s touchscreen display or the steering wheel. You can also use the Tesla mobile app as a controller.

Yes, Beach Buggy Racing is available on all Tesla models that support Tesla Arcade, including Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y.

No, Beach Buggy Racing is available for free in Tesla Arcade and there.

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